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Our vision...

Diggers is more than just a cafe, it's a creation born from a vision to help all life forms, including our own unique body, the enormous range of beautiful animals that we share the earth with and our own precious planet that we live on that is deeply threatened.  

The science has shown us that eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and some nuts and seeds is much more sustainable and essential in order to protect our fragile earth and keep our bodies healthy throughout our whole life.  

Some of the biggest studies of human health and nutrition have shown us that the closer we are to a whole foods plant based diet, the better health outcomes we will enjoy. (Nurses Health Study 2, Adventist Health Study). Our biggest killers are heart disease and cancer and these studies have shown that those eating a healthy plant based diet have a significantly reduced chance of getting these diseases.  But we want to show you that at Diggers, we not only make the food healthy, we can make it delicious too.

Most of us already know the impact of meat and dairy production on our planet.  It's the single largest contributor to greenhouse gases and is enormously wasteful and destructive to our precious water sources.  And if we keep overfishing as we are now, there will be ocean dead zones by 2040.

Our natural human instinct is compassionate and if we adopt a philosophy of 'doing no harm," by eating a diet rich in plant based foods, this will eliminate the need to enslave and kill animals and be true to our values of compassion.  In our hearts, we never want to see animals harmed and by eating plants, we can live extremely well and protect our earth and all who share it with us.